Hello Breckenridge!

9:08 PM

OK, I have a confession... I've never been skiing before in my life! So imagine my face when the hubby mentioned taking a ski trip. He's been pitching the idea of a winter vacation for years, but I always just brushed it off (it's expensive, I don't know how, etc.) Well, over the holidays our good friends mentioned they were going and staying in their parents' time share in Breckenridge. Blake, just like my hubby,  had been going since he could walk, while Rachelle (his wife) had never set foot on a ski slope until our trip. Cue the lightbulb moment!

"Why don't we tag along with you... the wives can take learn together!"

Genius. So we quickly attached ourselves to our friends' getaway and stocked up on ski wear. I have to say, I was super nervous the first day. The hubby reassured me multiple times that ski school would be fun and we (Rachelle and me) would be fine. Well, I hate to admit when he's right, but he was right. Rachelle and I had a blast and by the end of the day we were ready to venture the slopes on our own. We spent three full days skiing at Breckenridge and I'm ready for our next trip! I think I'm definitely a beach babe and snow bunny now :)

In addition to the skiing we explored the town, ate some yummy food, relaxed in the jacuzzi, and slept. I mean we slept a lot. Skiing is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Still, it was one of the best vacations we've been on so far in our travels together as a couple. We enjoyed our time with our friends and look forward to the next time we get to see some snow!

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