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Each year I set goals for myself, but in the past I never typically published them for the world to see until last year. I thought by publishing them and sharing them with others, it would hold me accountable. Reflecting on this past year I realized while publishing monthly goals did hold me more accountable and made me motivated, it also made me more obsessive about having to get my to-do list done. As a typical Type A person, I like everything neat, organized, and if I say I’m going to do something, then I’m going to get it done. I started putting this unrealistic pressure on myself that if I didn’t accomplish my monthly goals, I failed or I was being lazy. Or maybe I wasn’t prioritizing enough. The thing about goals is they are supposed to help you become the person you want to be, not stress you out so much you lose focus. And that’s exactly what was happening to me – I lost focus on what I really wanted to accomplish. I kept getting caught up in the small things that I thought I just had to cross off the list in order to be successful.

This year, I decided to do things different. In fact, I didn’t even post goals at the beginning of January. I was busy and instead of stressing out, I sat down and thought about what I really wanted to accomplish this year. What do I want to focus on? Instead of setting monthly goals and stressing if I don’t get them done, I’m committing to a theme for the year. Then each, month remind myself of this theme and set mini goals based on it. 

This year I’m committing to:

What are your goals this year? Are they similar to mine or are you doing something different?

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