The DeVito Family

9:46 AM

I'm excited to share some of my favorites from my session with the DeVito family. We originally planned to head to Trinity Park, however, Mayfest was in full swing and the park was shut down. Instead we went with the Botanical Gardens as our backup. It's been a few years since I've shot a session there and forgot just how beautiful the scenery is for photos.

Little Caroline was quite the active one! She is definitely one smart girl -- in fact, she was an expert at avoiding the camera. Ha ha! Despite some difficulties that accompany a feisty two-year-old, we managed to snap a few good ones. The hubby tagged along and afterward we got to share a fun lunch with our great friends. It's such a joy to see my best friend and his family! I feel so honored they continue to recruit my photography talent to capture sweet moments with them every year.

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