New Orleans

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It's time for another vacation post! The husband and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary... wow has it been that long already? We decided to celebrate early in February with a trip to New Orleans. While the hubby has been once before, this was my first trip there! We also decided we wanted to go with friends so we met our good friends Andy and Amanda in NOLA for a long weekend getaway.

A bit of history here... we met Andy and Amanda (the beautiful couple below) back in 2010 during our second trip to Aruba. We quickly bonded over betting red vs. black at the roulette table during our second night. For the rest of the trip, we were pretty much inseparable. We've managed to keep in touch through Facebook, but each year we never got the opportunity to meet back up. See Andy and Amanda live in Ohio and we weren't planning a trip out that way any time soon. And every year since, we've tried to coordinate vacation plans with each other, but it never worked out.

Well, lucky for us a few months ago, the hubby and I were discussing vacation spots for our anniversary trip and New Orleans came up several times. We messaged Andy and Amanda on Facebook and what do you know... they were in! It only took a few years to get our schedules in sync :)

The trip started out a little rocky. After our flight was delayed for a few hours, we were welcomed to NOLA with lots rainy weather. In fact, it rained for most of our trip. Still, we had a great time! We walked everywhere, tried lots of different food, drank some yummy cocktails (The Hurricane and a Hand Grenade), laughed, shared stories and just relaxed. Unfortunately, the hubby and I came home with colds. I'm pretty sure we were allergic to the mold from all the old buildings. I'm thankful for the time we spent with our good friends and with each other.

Some of my favorite memories from NOLA:

  • Riding the trolley everywhere. It reminded me of San Francisco, but it wasn't as crowded.
  • Taking a night vampire and ghost tour with the crazy Lord Chaz. I highly recommend him -- it's the perfect combo of mystery and history. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure he is really a vampire... I'm not kidding.
  • Visiting the WWII museum with the hubby. As a former marine, Lane is very passionate about military history. And we're pretty much nerds so anything history related and we're there!
  • Watching Lane and Andy ride the mechanical bull -- enough said.
  • Exploring the city with my camera. Even though the sun didn't come out as much as I wanted, I managed to take some great photos.

I couldn't help myself... I had to take a photo of the Zatarain's sign. 

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